Friday, 18 May 2012

Unable to open Adobe xdp files in sharepoint.

When we click to open the files, it opens and XML in IE. xdp extension should open with Adobe livecycle ES. Is there a way to associate the xdp extension to Adobe livecycle ES in Sharepoint?


It appears xdp are not associated with Acrobate Reader on client computer. You must associate it with Acrobat Reader or IE will open it as txt (xml).
when you click on file in client browser, then client looks up with browser and/or operating system how to open that file. For instance if you download that file on client computer (i.e. desktop) and double click it, will system open it with Adobe livecycle ES, or something else. If so, Right click on file > open with > Set default program... (Adobe lifec...) [this is in win7].
Remember, this is not a sharepoint problem, but problem on client computer, and client computer is treating xdp as text file, and not as Adobe livecycle.

Note : Adobe lifecycles should be installed on computer.